Since the inception of Red Mill Tackle, it has been our goal to provide anglers with the best bass catching baits and tackle available. Since that time many recreational anglers, guides, and tournament anglers have used and experienced the Red Mill Tackle difference. On this page we have listed just a few of many testimonials by anglers who have chosen Red Mill Tackle!

"We fished 10/04/09 all the fish were small and the winner had 5 fish just over 6 lbs. the fish were biting senkos and shaky head worms. I need to thank Fish Herman from Red Mill Tackle Company, who I met that morning at the ramp. Herman gave me a few samples that I used to catch my only keeper along with about ten 11" fish (watermelon candy Whack-Um-Stik). I was surprised how well they held up wacky style for how soft the worms are..."
- Scott S. - Member, Mispillion Bass Club

"Fish Herman, I want to thank you for the kits you sent. I have had three incredible days on the water using just your Wacky Worm Deluxe Kit, and the Shakey Jake Shakey Head Kit. Those two accounted for 52 fish on an afternoon guide trip today. We will be doing a review of both of the kits in our May edition, GREAT PRODUCTS!!!!"
- C.C. McCotter - Editor-in Chief, Woods and Waters Magazine

"I got a pack of your "Whack-Um-Stik" 5 inch worms, and I'm here to say they work, and I'm very glad I got them! I have caught the biggest largemouth bass I have ever caught, not just on a worm, but since I have been fishing...5lb 2oz. Your worms work great, I want them, I need them, I want to buy more of them!!!..."
- Sam G.

"I purchased a couple of your "Fish Herman's Lipless Crank Baits" due to the design and better value. The shad pattern, Awesome lure! I have found your baits to work better than any other I have used in my 20+ years of fishing! Thank You for such wonderful products at affordable prices!!!!"
- Ben C.